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BEATLES - ICE CREAM BAR BOX - Hood box. 6 bars Original
This item SOLD on 6/19/2009 for $1,975.00

WELCOME TO THE BENJY GREENBERG BEATLES COLLECTION !!!!!!!! Benjy greenberg displays the biggest original beatles memorabilia collection in ny.People that have come to see it have been mesmirized.One person discribing it as 'disneyworld!" Benjy always felt that if you collect it, why not display it. Its a very versital collection with many different kinds of beatles memorabilia. He has been collecting for 35 years! Now its for sale. Grading will be on a scale 1-10. 10 being mint condition. Everything is an 8 unless noted. Please be aware that the beatles mass merchandising came out in 1964, and again in 1968 with yellow submarine. Knowing that you can understand how some pieces 45 years old have some kind of wear. Happy bidding. BEATLES - ICE CREAM BAR BOX - Hood box. 6 bar box. NO ICE CREAM!!! Some bends with the original sticker of 59 cents on it. Not faded at all . Original.

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