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This item SOLD on 6/20/2009 for $1,100.00

ORIGINAL 1968 YELLOW SUBMARINE COMPLETE SET OF GUM CARDS WITH FOUR ORIGINAL WRAPPERS!! INCREDIBLY RARE SET OF BEATLES 1968 YELLOW SUBMARINE CARDS MADE IN ENGLAND BY ANGLO CONFECTIONARY LTD. THIS IS A SUPER NICE CONDITION SET OF ALL 66 CARDS! THESE ARE STANDARD 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" SIZE CARDS. CONDITION OF THE SET IS A VERY NICE NEAR MINT-. NO REAL PROBLEMS SUCH AS CREASES, WRITING, TRIMMING, TEARS ETC. NOT GEM MINT 10'S, BUT A VERY NICE SET INDEED! THE BACK OF EACH CARD IS PRINTED SUCH THAT WHEN ALL CARDS ARE LAID OUT TOGETHER, A LARGE YELLOW SUBMARINE PICTURE WITH MOST OF THE CHARACTERS IS FORMED!! THESE ARE EXTREMELY RARE BEATLES CARDS AND MUCH RARER THAN THE STANDARD CARD SETS FROM 64 IN THE U.S. (THE U.S. PLAKS CARDS SERIES WOULD BE THE ONLY CARDS RARER THAN THESE!) CHECK OUT THE PICTURES, IT'S A NICE SET INDEED, AND OH SO SCARCE! ***AS A HUGE BONUS, I'M INCLUDING FOUR ORIGINAL COLORFUL WRAPPERS IN GREAT SHAPE! USED, BUT VERY NICE! CHECK OUT THE PICTURE AND ENJOY! ***A NOTE TO MY CUSTOMERS: First of all, A very sincere "Thank You" to all my customers new and old. I wouldn't be here with you and I very much appreciate you all. Just a quick note about Ebay's "DSR system (Detailed Seller Ratings)". This "1 to 5 star" rating system for Ebay is UNLIKE any other conventional use of the 5 star system you'll ever see. In the most common uses of that system, 3 or 4 stars applied to anything is usually pretty darned good. With Ebay! ANYTHING UNDER A 4.9 is a "demerit" to the credit of the seller! YES, it's hard to believe I know. They give the sellers incentives for maintaining a 4.9 to 5.0 rating and that is taken away with anything less that an average of 4.9 to 5. In fact, anything at all under a 4.7 is an F in their use of the system in regards to us. Indeed, if I reviewed any movie or song and said "Hey, it's a 4.7 out of 5!", you'd most likely think it was great entertainment. But with Ebay's system design, it failed! Also, note that in their system, you cannot leave the seller any fraction of a number. IT's a strict 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. A "4" that might be considered pretty good in the buyers eyes, is a flunking grade to Ebay's seller incentive program! SO PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE ME 5 STARS. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES AT ALL, I WILL MOST SURELY TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU! I will also leave prompt glowing feedback for you right after. Thanks for taking the time to read this silliness, and I do very much appreciate you all! My best, Perry*** Satisfaction Guaranteed! Winner to pay $6 for prioirty postage and insurance FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. FOREIGN customers pay $14 PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL flat rate. Payment for U.S. and Overseas customers by through (This is in accordance with Ebay's new paperless payment policy.) Payment must be received in no more than 10 days of auctions end date.....good luck!

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