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BEATLES Let It Be Box JPN REDWAX Apple Stereo with Book
This item SOLD on 6/21/2009 for $701.00

BEATLES Let It Be Box JPN REDWAX Apple Stereo with Book This Box is in its complete state. Record #: AP-9009 Apple Records Japanese Edition ,Apple First Pressing. With Booklet, and lyric sheet. Stereo. Toshiba Musical Industries. The Let it be box with a redwax record is very rare compared to the second release of the let it be box as a gatefold record. it is very hard to find this specific box and we state it RARE PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 3 DAYS AFTER INVOICE HAS BEEN SENT Conditions: Box Cover: EX (small scratches) Tray: VG+ Record: EX Sleeve:EX Booklet: EX (fold on the corner) The condition of items are classified as follows: Mint (M) These items are as brand-new, unused. Near-Mint (NM) This means that the item is in the same condition as if it had been stored in a shop for this period of time. Despite some small signs of age and handling, it is nevertheless a very rare example. Excellent (EX) These items, though not as brand-new, can be used without problems. These are sometimes classified more finely as excellent plus or excellent minus Very Good (VG) These items are usable though there may be superficial scratches, spots or stains. May also be more finely classed plus or minus. Good (G) In the case of records, there may be deeper scratches or other surface flaws resulting in crackling or jumping. Poor (P) These items are not usable and are of curiosity value only. For the convenience of our customers, the classification system used by us is simplified to only one plus or minus for each classification category. The greatest care is taken in the care and cleaning of records; only specialist fluids are used. We do not use Zippo oil or alcohol-based cleaning fluids. Jumping: all items are tested for any jumping problems prior to sale. Although every care is taken to inform customers of potential jumping it can happen that more jumping is experienced when customer equipment is used. This is in part due to variations in the type and pressure of needles. For this reason we are unable to guarantee that no jumping will occur. It is advisable, when playing old records, to as far as possible avoid putting on too much stylus pressure. It is sometimes possible to repair records, which are jumping. If you have a record, which is jumping, we will be able to provide you with advice and guidance. Feel free to check out what items we have in our inventory! Shipping fee: Shipping fee in Japan is generally more expensive than that of Europe and US. Also some LPs have additional materials attached (portraits, mirrors, pamphlets etc) that will increase the shipping fee. To suit our customers needs, we offer a variety of shipping methods including Registered Airmail, Registered SAL and EMS. Once the auction ends, we will weigh the item(s) that you won, and mail you a list of shipping fees. After you choose your preferred shipping method, we will send an invoice. Payment is expected within 3 business days after the invoice has been sent. We pack professionally with lots of bubbles, and separate the record and sleeve. We have never had instances whereby the records were broken. If you would like a general estimate of the shipping fee, mail us during the auction stating your country name, and the item(s), which you wish to bid.

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