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Beatles Original Master Recordings MFSL Box Set. EC
This item SOLD on 6/27/2009 for $610.00

THE BEATLES THE COLLECTION by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. 14 numbered LP's, plus the GEO Disc, which is an alignment tool for your needle. Aligns to .003 of an inch. Each one of the jackets shows a photo of the actual master tape and the studio log sheets that went with it. The albums are: 1.) Please Please Me 2.) With the Beatles 3.) Hard Days Night 4.) Beatles For Sale 5.) Help 6.) Rubber Soul 7.) Revolver 8.) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 9.) White Album 10.) White Album 2 11.) Yellow Submarine 12.) Abbey Road 13.) Magical Mystery Tour 14.) Let It Be. PLEASE NOTE that the last 3 photos are of the GEO Disc and not an Album. All the 14 LPS are near perfect condition to my untrained eye. I was told these were in a non smoking home for all these years (can't guarantee this). They do not smell of smoke. Numbered: 11,613. Because I am not an expert or collector I am going to point out all the small things that I can visually see wrong with this collection. There is a protective covering over the booklet that is white. The covering has some marks and some yellowing. (Please see pic) The actual book has some fingerprint markings on the cover and a small bent on the cover. (Please see pic). However, the total condition of the book is excellent. There is a Certificate of Authenticity. It also has the Geo-Disc. The outside cover of the Geo-Disco has some small bends and marking (Please see pic). The Geo-Disc also has some markings, scratches (more marks vs. scratches) and white spots on the front. ( I do not want to attempt to remove the white spots as I do not want to damage it). There are also some markings on the back of the Geo-Disc. (Please see pic). The outside of the box is in great condition with a few small scratches and white spots and a fairly significant "Ding" in a corner of the box (Please see pic). Don't get me wrong this piece is exceptional, but I don't want anyone to think it doesn't have some small imperfections. Enclosed is also a catalog from Original Master Recordings. The back cover to the catalog has a damaged corner ( please see pic). The records do not have any scratches to my untrained eye and they are all in their protective original sleeves. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I want you to be happy with the collection that your purchased. As you can see, I have 100% positive feedback and have always been honest with my customers. The original price on this box set was $300.00 28 years ago. If something I tried to explain isn't clear to you - please ask. I believe the set's contents (Books, etc.) are all there - but again ask if you have a question. I want to reiterate - The most important thing - the Records appear PERFECT (let's go with near perfect just to protect myself). To me they don't even look played - or if they were, they were probably played once to record off. I am guessing at the total weight of shipping... if the shipping is less... I will refund the difference. You will be able to decide if you want this shipped Priority Mail or the less expensive Parcel Post (U.S. only). Good Luck and Enjoy.

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