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1964 scrapbook w/ Rolling Stones Beatles ticket stubs !
This item SOLD on 1/28/2009 for $1,000.00

Here it is, one of the nicest Beatles scrapbooks your going to find! Just look and see what amazing pieces are here. I will list each page in detail for you: Closed Circuit Telecast Ticket for their FIRST EVER concert in America in Washington D.C. This stub is for the Fox Theater, San Diego CA. May 15 2:00 pm. There is an even MORE amazing piece on page one, an original orange 11x7 flyer for this closed circuit show . How many of those survived the years? Wow, two amazing pieces and this is only page one! (I can send you a photo of it by email if you'd like) Special preview ticket dated Wed. August 12, 1964 for a theater showing of "A Hard Days Night" the background on the heads is cut out, but I'm not sure if that's how it was originally issued or not. (Many tickets from that era did have this cut out on them.) Their is also a newspaper ad for the film as well. The second item on page 2 is a concert ticket stub for a show by THE BEACH BOYS - EDDIE HODGES - JIMMY GRIFFIN - LYNN EASTON - THE KINGSMAN. The show is for Russ Auditorium, Saturday Aug 8, 1964. Included with the ticket stub is the newspaper ad for the show! Misc newspaper articles (all from 1964) Misc newspaper articles (all from 1964) of The Beatles, and a PETER AND GORDON CONCERT TICKET STUB for July 20, 1964 at the Westgate, San Diego, CA Misc Beatles newspaper clippings and a Ticket Stub and original flyer for the "Committee to bring The Beatles to San Diego" which was a big rally that featured the band "The Maniacs". This is an amazing piece with ticket prices from $1.50 to $2.50 for the rally. How many of these even still exist? And what's even better is their is a TICKET STUB for this rally!! (I can send a photo of the flyer by email if you'd like). Misc newspaper articles for the 1964 Hollywood Bowl show, oh, and there's a Hollywood Bowl TICKET STUB! Misc newspaper articles and a 1360 San Diego KGB Top 30 Music Survey featuring the KGBeach Boys on the front for October 18-24 1964. newspaper article Misc newspaper articles Various articles, postmark cancelings from London, Bristol and others. Gerry and the Paceakers concert ticket stub! October 22, 1964. Misc newspaper articles and a membership card for "The Yeah Beatles Club". Misc newspaper articles Nice magazine fold out poster. Newspaper articles and a NICE Dave Clark Five concert ad with order form for tickets. And get this, an ad for THE TAMI SHOW being shown in "Electronovision" at the local theater. 1170 KCBQ weekly music survey with a nice photo of The Dave Clark Five. And......a DC5 Concert Ticket stub with photo of the band! November 14, 1964 San Diego, CA. Two weekly music survey's for KDEQ Radio 91 and KCBQ 1170 (with Dave Clark Five cover) Oct 18, 1964. Misc Dave Clark Five articles, some inside the white envelope on the page. All from Nov. 1964. Misc newspaper articles on The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Misc newspaper articles and an official "Beatle Birds of California" membership card . Newspaper article about the Butcher cover and more articles inside the white envelope. And here's another RARE item, a Rolling Stones concert ticket stub for Balboa Park Bowl, San Diego. Nov.1, 1965. The ticket is numbered and this one is #4 !! Misc newspaper articles about Ringo's marriage. Newspaper article Magazine articles housed in a plastic sheet. There you have it, I've listed every item in the book. Book has green leather type cover. Feel free to send any questions you may have. Buyer pays shipping.

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